Grannie’s back on the mountain

Grannie is surely smiling now as she gazes out over the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains and the valleys below from her lofty perch, back home in her beloved Montebello at long last.

She’s back in Nelson County, Va., where she once walked miles to an old one-room schoolhouse as a child growing up on the mountain and often traveled down the mountain with her family by horse and buggy to Vesuvius in northeastern Rockbridge County to shop and visit kinfolk.

Grannie had longed to return to the community where she and her neighbors made apple butter every fall and quilts to keep their families warm. She always liked to say that Montebello was a place where everybody knew everybody in the old days — before folks from the outside world discovered its beauty and began building fancy vacation homes up on the ridges.

via Grannie’s back on the mountain.

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