Stadium Woods – Save The Trees

Stadium Woods is an approximately 15-acre wooded section found adjacent to the east side of Lane Stadium on the Virginia Tech campus. It is approximately a rectangle 2000 feet long (running north/south) and 300 feet wide (Figure 1). The area is heavily wooded, with numerous white oak (Quercus albaL.) trees over 36 inches in diameter at breast height (dbh).

The age structure of the area is an unbalanced, uneven-aged stand with a large amount of coarse woody debris and standing snags indicative of old-growth forest (Figure 2 and 3) (Oliver and Larson, 1996). There are approximately 450 trees per acre over 4 inches in dbh. Each acre contains three to five white oak trees over 250 years old, and these large trees make up a significant percentage of the overstory. In all of Stadium Woods, there are 56 trees in total (including 46 white oaks) over 3 feet in dbh (two are large standing dead snags).

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