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The Nature Conservancy is helping to save rare and endangered ecological gems all over the country. Here is one in the Virginia Mountains. If you get the chance stop by and visit…If you want to help…Do!

Warm Springs Mountain Preserve helps stitch together thousands of acres of forest and conservation lands in western Virginia’s Allegheny Highlands. The heart of the preserve protects a key wildlife corridor and habitat for an amazing diversity of natural communities, plants and animals.


Bath County


9,269 acres on and around Warm Springs Mountain

Field Trips

Local Conservancy staff members offer a slate of guided hikes, providing visitors with opportunities to explore many facets of the mountain. From spring wildflowers to birding to forest ecology — the field trip themes appeal to a wide variety of interests. Contact our Warm Springs office to schedule a group tour: (540) 839-3599.

Ecological Significance

The preserve features Virginia’s only substantial montane pine barren, a globally rare, arid, fire-dependent landscape. The mountain harbors at least two other rare natural communities, three rare plants and eight rare invertebrates. Situated within a 77,000-acre unfragmented, largely roadless forest block, the preserve helps maintain healthy, breeding populations of interior dwelling songbirds, provides key habitat for wide-ranging mammals, and protects headwater tributaries of both the Jackson and Cowpasture rivers.

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