Floyd, Virginia

Discover what I did on my first visit…Floyd, Virginia welcomes you in and makes you feel at home.

Floyd hides out from the rest of the world, an untouched, one-stoplight mountain town where gorgeous hippies float about. Insouciant but earnest, they’re bathed in the tunes of stringed instruments and in a starlight rarely seen outside this rugged realm.

But, as with every fairy tale, Floyd is sitting close to the fire. Some people want to make the town a tourist destination, others want it unchanged. Its techies and wanderers may find a way to co-exist, and outside dollars can be a good thing, but talk to the old-timers here long enough and you’ll notice a refrain: We like our rough edges. Please don’t dress us up for brochures and busloads. Let us carry on, carrying on.

This is not to say that Floyd doesn’t welcome visitors. It does, with open arms and warm interest in others. But people here can spot you as an out-of-towner the minute you set foot in the coffee shop, and they’ll hope you’re not a developer with an eye on real estate prices.

via Floyd, Virginia – A Magical Hideout – VirginiaLiving.com.

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