A Christmas Story From Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

I found a link in my morning email to this short Christmas story from northwestern Virginia.

Every year, on a Saturday morning (usually the last Saturday in November or first in December) we four would load up in a borrowed old, rusty pick up truck before the sun rose, and head West. Hats, gloves, jackets were packed for the half day trip. I seem to recall naming many of these trucks. One named blue baby was used multiple times until her floor board became sp rusted we risked losing shoes, hats and other belongings on the way.

I grew up in a small corner of Northern Virginia which used to be pristine. Mountain Road connects Loudoun County to Fauquier, the village of the Plains to Middleburg and we lived along its winding path East of the Blue Ridge. In 45 minutes we could be in Washington (sans traffic) or in West Virginia. Our annual expedition however, always took us in the same direction. Clarke County, a still rural county West of Loudoun, near Winchester.

You can read it all at: MY FAVORITE (SHORT) WALK IN THE WOODS | Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

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