Virginia Tax holiday— Be prepared for future flood disasters

From the news…

With the start of hurricane season fast approaching, families and businesses across the Commonwealth of Virginia are being asked to take steps now to protect their properties from flooding.

While it is rare for a hurricane or tropical storm to make it past the scenic mountains of Southwest Virginia or southern West Virginia, flooding associated with the remnants of such storms can still impact our region.

No one knows when devastating flooding will occur. That’s why it is important to be prepared. June 1 marks the start of hurricane season, and Virginia’s Hurricane Tax Holiday gets underway on Monday, May 25, and continues through Sunday, May 31.

The tax-free holiday is a chance for residents of Virginia to stock up on items needed for an emergency supply kit, as well as other tools that can be used to help prepare families for the threat of flooding. During the week, no sales tax will be charged on items ranging from bottled water and flashlights to batteries and food and beverage storage coolers.

via Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV – Tax holiday— Be prepared for future flood disasters.

Even in this time of economic crisis planning for emergencies is the smart think to do. If you can, take advantage of this “Tax Holiday” to get your emergency kit in order. Take it from one who lived through Hurricane Ike and it’s aftermath last year, you really want to have your emergency supplies in order.

From the article, these items are included in the tax suspension…

…battery-powered or hand-cranked radios, two-way radios, weather band radios, cell phone chargers, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, tarps, plastic sheeting, drop cloths, duct tape, artificial ice, empty gas, propane or diesel fuel tanks, and generators.

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