Good Food for Good People

Colleen at Loose Leaf Notes has posted an article she had published in the local news…It looks like GFGP is a good resource to know about in Floyd County.

Known for its vibrant music and art scene, Floyd County has also been fertile ground for a flourishing of sustainable agriculture. Since the early 1990’s small market growers and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms have been putting down roots in the county, adding a new green twist to Floyd’s age old farming tradition.

Tenley Weaver and Dennis Dove have been at the forefront of Floyd’s local food movement, both as certified organic farmers of their Full Circle Farm and as owners of “Good Food for Good People (GFGP),” a retail and wholesale distribution business for seasonal produce. With as many as 30 local growers providing fresh organic and biologically grown vegetables and no/low spray fruit to area restaurants, stores, and consumers, GFGP is a labor of love that has really taken off.

via Loose Leaf Notes: Good Food for Good People.

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