At A Theater Near You…”Lunatic Farmer”

At this rate Joel Salatin might just be a household name yet…

SWOOPE, Va. — The white metal sign over the desk at Polyface Farm reads, “Joel Salatin: Lunatic Farmer.”

Salatin is proud of that label. “I’m a third-generation lunatic,” he boasts while standing in his lush, green central Virginia fields. Brown chickens strut and peck around his feet. “I don’t do anything like average farmers do,” he says.

via ‘Natural patterns’ of farming touted in documentary –

The article is a concise overview of the Polyface Farm philosophy and how it is leading to a more sustainable agricultural meme.

Take a few minutes and read the entire article. If you are new to the idea of sustainable, local food…Follow some of the links and check out the history of the movement.

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