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Shenandoah County History

Written by Jean M. Martin

Shenandoah County, Virginia, in the center of one of the most scenic valleys in America, was settled by Germans during the middle of the eighteenth century. These religious settlers came looking for limestone-rich land and religious freedom.

The valley mountain vistas observed by those pioneers is intact for visitors today. With the Massanutten Mountains on the east and the Alleghenies on the west, Shenandoah County is beautiful to behold. Through the center of the valley runs the Shenandoah River from South to North with Interstate 81 not many miles from the river. Fish thrive in the clear cold waters of the creeks and river while eagles soar overhead. Rafts, kayaks, tubes and canoes are to be seen on several stretches of the waterways.

Route 11, once the Indian trail through the valley, is a scenic highway. Dotted with quaint villages every five or six miles, the Old Valley Pike still meets the needs of the now nearly 40,000 occupants. Today Shenandoah County is home to two world class golf resorts and covers 512 square miles.

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