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One week, you might learn about the nearly unpredictable weather raining down on Mount Rogers.

The next, you could be face-to-tail with a salamander.

Then come the trout, swishing through mountain streams like the Straight Branch on the outskirts of Damascus.

All this – plus field trips to the marshy Well Fields Park of Saltville – could be yours if you sign up to become a Virginia Master Naturalist.

This Virginia Master Naturalist program, similar to Virginia Master Gardeners, instructs volunteers on how to become better stewards of the land surrounding them, especially in the Appalachian Mountains.

“We had about 27 students who went through the class last year,” said Steve Lindeman, the president of the Holston River chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists.

Lindeman, for one, knows the value of keeping creeks clean and not chopping down every tree you see. By day, Lindeman serves as the land protection program manager for The Nature Conservancy’s field office in Abingdon.

Other times, you might find him in a field, volunteering to build a trail.

It’s all part of being a protector of plants and a cheerleader for all things green.

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